Drama on the beach in Sutomore: Stormy wind collapsed waterslide, five children injured (VIDEO)

- Waterslide is 10 meters tall. Wind collapsed it like it is a feather - said one of the eyewitnesses

Strong wind which was blowing in Sutomore demolished the construction of a water slide located on the beach, and according to the eyewitnesses, children were injured

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Video of the incident was posted on the Facebook page "Podgoricki Vremeplov".

As the author of the video claims, five children were injured in the incident.

Children had head injuries, back injuries, hands, legs... Shame! They didn't tie ropes on the waterslide. Two kids were on the top of it and they fell down - said the author of the video.

Man from Podgorica whose child was on the top of the water slide reacted.

- Waterslide is 10 meters tall. Wind collapsed it like it is a feather. My child was on the top of it when it happened. I just arrived from the ambulance, i am still under stress - wrote this man from Podgorica.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk / cdm)

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