SHARK ATTACKS IN ADRIATIC: They killed 9 swimmers in 150 years, one Serb was among them

There is higher possibility to be struck with lightning than being attacked by a shark

Summer has arrived, the bathing season, and with it, fear from sharks, which are present in the Adriatic sea. There are around 30 species of them and only two are dangerous for men.

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Experts assure us that the chance of being attacked by shark is one to 11 million. That small chance happened few times in the Adriatic. If it could manage to find its way to the shallow water in Palma de Mallorca - many wonder of it could swim to the our Adriatic beach?

- I saw it in Mali Losinj few years ago when fishermen took it out and i have to say it wasn't pleasant - said Gordana from Duga Resa.

Nine swimmers died in shark jaws in Croatia. However, it was never a Croat who died, always some tourist who was there. 

In 1955, German woman swam pretty far from the shore when a sea monster attacked her. According to the eyewitnesses, it was first circling around it, and then it swallowed her. The second accident happened six years later. Serbian student who was in Opatija. He swam 80 meters from the coast.

In 1971 it attacked again, again in Opatija. Target was a Polish man. He received lethal injuries. Newspapers form 1971 wrote: It is presumed that it wandered behind some ocean cruise ship and now it can't find open sea again. Fishermen from Opatija region tried to catch it.

Printskrin: Youtube/InfinityFishingTeam

Printskrin: Youtube/InfinityFishingTeam

The last deadly attack of the Great White Shark happened in 1974. The victim was a German tourist who was swimming at Omis. The truce lasted till 2008 when a 43 year old Slovenian swam with his catch, amberjack, just 10 meters from the shore when he was attacked by 5 meter long shard. The Slovenian defended himself with harpoon, but the shark has bitten his leg. He was saved with quick medical intervention.

No cases have been recorded in Croatia in the past nine years 

- That is because Adriatic is semi closed sea, they don't have adequate food, because they feed on fish which live in the open seas - explains dr Jakov Dulcic from the institute for Oceanography and Fisheries Split.

Printskrin: Facebook/Isabelle Fabre

Printskrin: Facebook/Isabelle Fabre

Australia has the most reason to be afraid, there have been 20 attacks in the past year, and more than 50 in America. 

On average, 5 people die from sharks each year, horses kill 20, and cows 22 people, "Vijesti.hr".


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