Alert in Montenegro: Sea water on one of the most famous beaches - IS NOT FOR SWIMMING!

An analysis of seawater was carried out on 100 bathing sites from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi

Sea water on Mala Plaza in Ulcinj is not for swimming and recreation because the quality of water is out of order.

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The latest results of sea water from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi, conducted by the Public company for Sea Management in the cooperation with Institute of Biology on 100 beaches, has shown that the sea water is of excellent quality on all other Montenegrin beaches, it is sanitary safe for swimming and recreation, written by "Vijesti.me".

- The results of the analysis of the quality of seawater for 100 public bathing sites along the Montenegrin coast, which the Institute of Biology of the Sea conducted in the period from 2 to 3 August, showed that the quality of sea water K1 at 95 swimming sites, K2 classes were on four swimming sites, while the water was outside the prescribed limits at one swimming site. Such results show that sea water is sanitary right and safe for swimming and recreation in most Montenegrin swimming areas - they stated in Public company Morsko dobro.

Foto: Wikipedia/Dudva

- The public company informed the competent inspection organs about the status of water quality at this swimming area, and requested an immediate inspection of the site, while the user placed a red flag on the swimming site. After obtaining the data, the Institute of Biology of Sea has continued to take samples of seawater from this site, and we will inform the public about the results of the analyses carried out - said the public company.

The program for 2017 foresees the monitoring of the quality of seawater at a total of 100 locations along the Montenegrin coast, namely: 16 in the municipality of Ulcinj, 13 in the municipality of Bar, 25 in Budva, 10 in Tivat, 15 in Kotor and 21 in the territory of the municipality of Herceg Novi. Analyses are planned to be carried out at intervals of 15 days between May and October.

The Decree on the classification and categorization of surface and groundwater, seawater used for swimming and recreation, based on binding microbiological parameters, puts them in two classes: class K1-excellent, class K2-satisfactory, while samples exceeding the prescribed limits of these two classes are classified as Out of order.


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