Only Matic from the United players stood before the press: What he said about Pogba's selfishness and Luka Modric (VIDEO)

Serbia's representative has fulfilled his obligations in Skopje to the max

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Manchester United did not manage to win the Supercup of Europe in Skopje. Real Madrid was better and the result of 2: 1 bested the team of Jose Mourinho.

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The champion of Europe reached their fourth trophy on Filip stadium of Supercup in club history with the goals of Casemiro in 24th, and Isco in 52nd, while United just only reduced the defeat with the goal of Romelu Lukaku in the 62nd minute.

Nemanja Matic debuted for the club from Old Trafford, and after his kick, the goalkeeper of Real Navas punched the ball away and Lukaku scored the goal.

- I think we did everything not to lose. We played against a very good and experienced team, they know how to play matches like this. We are not happy with losing, but we did all we could. You saw that we were tied, Markos had a good opportunity, but that's football - said Matic to the reporters after the match.

Premier league is starting next weekend.

- We have to rest, we are playing an important game against West Ham. As you know, winning the Premier League is our primary goal - added Matic, the only player of Manchester United who stopped in mix zone to give a statement.

When asked if he will give advice to Paul Pogba not to be selfish, Serbian representative said:

- My conscience won't let me, the coach is here to do that, I am just a part of the team and I am sure everybody gave their best.

At the end, he was asked how hard was it for him to play against Luka Modric and the midfield of Real.

- Great player, and it's very hard to play against him - Matic briefly commented before the security almost pushed him to start going.


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