Serbs are going to the vacation in Albania this summer: Take a look at their beaches (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Full accommodation in Durres for six nights, with transport, costs 180 euros

The number of tourists who have decided to spend their holidays on the Albanian coast in recent years is on the rise, and according to the estimates of tourist agencies from Bujanovac and Presevo which sold arrangements for this still inaccessible tourist destination, the biggest interest was for holidays was in Durres.

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Kastriot Jakupi, the manager of the travel agency "Globi travel" from Bujanovac explains that Serbian tourists most often went to a summer holiday in Durres, where a full accommodation with six night and transportation costs 180 euros, writes Danas.

- I can say with pleasure that the number of Serbian tourists who traveled to Albania 35 percent higher than last year and no one had any objections to the arrangements. Many came with their own cars or organized from Gnjilane, and organized transport for all destinations is located there to all locations - said Jakupi.

The most exclusive place to spend the summer is Saranda where the price for full accommodation and transport for six nights was from 275 euros in July to 225 euros for the period in the first part of September.

- There are also the cities of Vlora, Velipoja, and Shjengjin, also known as the "Holy Giant", as well as places where tourism is in development, Chimera, Jale, and Spila. From year to year, Albania is increasingly investing in coastal tourism, which is why interest is growing, and prices are quite affordable for the standard of Serbian tourists from the south of Serbia. The Mediterranean cuisine is leading, and Italian food is popular with the specialties that local cooks learned by working in restaurants in Italy - he said.

He adds that compared to Greece, the prices in restaurants are 30 percent cheaper

The price of return bus ticket from Gnjilane is from 20 euros for Durres, and 25 euros for Saranda. The most tourists came from Romania, Germany, and France this year.

Drinks for four, cevapi for 1.5 euros 

Miodrag Stojkovic from Vladicin Han has been going to the Albanian sea for several years with his family and his impression is that Albanians are making big steps in coming to the European standards.

Beaches are clean and well decorated, hosts polite and inviting to all guests. They especially admire tourists from Serbia, they don't care about political questions, but they try to be at service at any step. Communication is best in English, although many understand Italian and Serbian. Few new hotels are opened each year - explains Stojkovic for Danas.

He adds that the prices of beer in a restaurant depend on the type, from 1.5 euros to 2 euros. Coffee on the beach is 1 euro, drinks 3-4 euros, ice cream 1, and 10 cevaps are 1.5 euros. The prices of private accommodation are 17 to 25 euros in a two-bed room. 


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