Sieg Heil, motherf*ckers: Young man went crazy in the tram in Zagreb and starter spraying passengers with tear gas

An unusual incident occurred yesterday in the tram number 6 that went from the downtown to New Zagreb

The Zagreb police are searching for an unknown young man who sprayed the passengers in the tram with tear gas during the night and then escaped. The young man also saluted with the Nazi salute and shouted "Seig Heil".

17 years since the democratic changes

An unusual incident occurred yesterday in the tram number 6 that went from the downtown to New Zagreb, wrote "Jutarnji".

- As soon as he entered the tram, on the crossroads with Vukovar street, he started shouting "Sieg Heil - motherf*ckers" and he raised his right air - said the witnesses of the event, and the attack was confirmed in the Zagreb police station.

The young man started quarreling with one of the passengers, and she told him to stop, which he refused and the passenger insulted him. Revolted by the verbal conflict, he took out the tear gas from the jacket and used it in front of her face, pointing it up. He rushed outside as soon as the door opened, "thanking" the passenger that warned him about his "behavior", and he smashed his head in the door with strong force.

All of the passengers went out from the wagon, taking in consideration that the driver was sick from the tear gas, and the tram was stopped for 10 minutes, after which, Zagreb Electric Tram company suggested to take the vehicle to Zaprudja, so there is no traffic jam. Police waited for the tram in Zaprudja and they took the statements from the passengers and the driver, who was in shock like all other passengers.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/allOver Photo

The witnesses describe the perpetrator as a bold young man in early twenties, green eyes and around 175 cm tall. He was wearing olive green so-called "spitfire" jacket and pants.

- I have been driving the tram for 20 years and nothing like this ever happened, something so unscrupulous, indecent, violent - said the woman who was driving the tram, and the passenger who complained about saluting had minor burns on her hands.


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