The woman who wrote the "Shopaholic" and charmed the Serbs, has a strong message for those who like shopping. She also revealed a great truth about love (PHOTO)

"I really think that the old ways of courting are extremely exciting and it's really a shame that we've lost them forever"

The books are capable of inspiring us and helping us to create a totally different world in our imagination. They are able to cheer and to brighten our everyday life. The female part of the reading audience especially enjoys good love stories, that have humor. The British writer Sophie Kinsella is a real master of it, and her novels are really popular in Serbia, readers eagerly expect the new adventures that come from her writing pen. 

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Sophie Kinsella is an alias of Madeleine Wickham. She was born in 1969 in London.

When she graduated from New College in Oxford, she worked as a journalist following the sector of market and finance. 

She wrote her first novel "The Tennis Party" when she was 24 years old. Her first novel had a success and good reviews.

She is the most famous for her serial of novels "Shopaholic", and her books have been translated into over 30 languages.

Sophie talked for Telegraf about her work and ideas that drive her. She likes to constantly challenge herself with new topics and to expand her interest about what she writes about. 

- I am always full of ideas, some are good, some are not. I like writing about what I see in my everyday life, whether that is shopping, travel or mental illness some teenager might suffer from it. So I am always walking around with my radar up, hunting stories. Sometimes I have some thoughts and I think I "have to write about this" - she said.

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She is inspired by things from her everyday environment, so she wrote about her experiences in her books and she amazed millions of readers all around the world. 

- Becky Bloomwood, my Shopaholic heroine, starts off as a financial journalist just like I was, and I definitely based that part of the book on myself and my experiences. My sister and several friends are lawyers and I was inspired partly by them to write "The Undomestic Goddess" - she added.

She thinks that that modern society lacks a bit of romance, and it is a shame we allowed something like that to get lost.

- I have a friend who is dating and she always says, 'I'm looking for a guy like the ones in your books!' Of course, I'm able to create the most romantic scenes in my head, and no man is up for the task.

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But I do think that the old-fashioned rituals of courtship are delicious and tantalizing and it is a shame if we have lost them for good. I recently started ballroom dancing and it is wonderfully romantic to be swept around the room by a man. We should bring that back - she said.

She likes to create heroines according to the women that inspire her and that are real. She said that nobody is perfect and that it is not a problem for her to give them all possible flaws.

She can't imagine some scene in her works without a comic situation, but she also loves creating a passionate relationship with her writing. 

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She began writing the first novel while she worked as a financial journalist for a magazine, and she didn't expect such a great success.

- I wrote it on evenings, weekends, on the train... at work. As soon as I started, I knew, this is what I wanted to do. The success has been and still is, overwhelming - she said.

As a creator of the popular serial "Shopaholic", she has a good advice for all ladies who spend too much money on clothes. 

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- Enjoy looking at all the clothes but if you can't afford them, buy a small treat like a lipstick - said Sophie.

Her new book will be dedicated to somewhat younger readers. In the serial "Fairy Mom and Me" the main heroine is a little girl whose mom can transform into a good fairy.

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She thanked her loyal readers in Serbia because her novels are popular here, and she adds that she would like to visit our country when she has free time. 

She would love to take some time to meet her admirers, but also she would love to dedicate herself to writing.

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