Another incredible gift of Arnaud Gouillon to the children of Kosovo: They had only one wish, and the Frenchman made it happen (PHOTO)

- A man is not only fed with bread, but also with culture - said the Frenchman

Music is the only activity available to children in the municipality of Gnjilane, and almost every child plays some instrument. And they play them well. However, they lack in instruments. When he realized this, French humanist Arnaud Gouillon made sure to get provide them with the instruments. He continued with his humanitarian provisions and he went to Serbian enclave with his hands full. 

Arnaud Gouillon started a chain of humanity in Serbia: Belgrade taxi driver showed a big heart when the Frenchman entered the car

He fulfilled a great desire to the children in Music School in Stanisor by bringing 7 new pianos

Foto: Privatna arhiva/Arno Gujon

- It is extremely important not to leave out the music which is equally important next to the convoy of food, which is what makes us people. A man is not only fed with bread, but also with culture - he said.

The French Humanitarian Organization Solidarity for Kosovo, led by its founder Arnaud Gouillon, with the blessing of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren, financed the renovation of two thousand square meters of floors in the elementary school "Desanka Maksimovic" in Kosovska Kamenica last year with 35 thousand euros.

Foto: Privatna arhiva/Arno Gujon

- People are good, in most cases. It is only important that this kindness goes to good deeds. That's my message to everyone - Gouillon said.

Thirteen years have passed since Arnaud came to Serbia for the first time, just after the pogrom of our people in 2004. He came, not as a curious visitor, but as a person who sincerely felt the injustice against powerless people, not only during the war but also in times of internationally guaranteed peace.

Foto: Privatna arhiva/Arno Gujon

Since then, 40 humanitarian aid convoys have arrived in Kosovo worth 3.5 million euros. Through direct investments, 1.2 million euros were invested in the reconstruction of 24 schools, the renovation of hospitals, churches, and monasteries.

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