Serbia will change the football jersey for the championship in Russia?

According to the unofficial information the Telegraf has, there is a small chance that Umbro will "dress" the Eagles on the Mundial

Foto: Vladimir Milovanović

The Serbian national football team secured the participation in the World Cup in Russia, and therefore the Football Association earned a lot of money because around 15 million euros is poured in the "house of football" for qualifying for the World Cup.

With Georgia on the day when we were most proud of our football players! (VIDEO)

However, there are additional chances of making extra money from marketing, TV rights and similar... And one of the best opportunities for that is a new jersey, which will be specially designed for the world championship.

All the national teams have traditionally new jerseys for the Mundial, and it will be so with Serbia as well. However, there is a small number of those who change the sponsor, but that might be the case with Eagles.

Our team wore jerseys through qualifications designed by Umbro, but it is uncertain if that will be the case on World Championship, according to the information Telegraf has, the chances are slim.

One of the reason is the contract Football Association of Serbia has with Umbro, and they can cancel it, and the Association has the opportunity to think about other proposals and to pick the best one.

Foto: Vladimir Milovanović

As we found out, Umbro has certain advantages as a long time sponsor of the team. There are three or four technical sponsors beside them, with some more famous names, and with some less famous names, who prepared rich proposals to put their logo on the jersey of the national team of Serbia. 

There is a strong company from China among them, as we found out, and they offer serious money to be the sponsor and one of the main candidates to make new jerseys for the Eagles.


Foto: Guliver/Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

World Championship 1998 in France - Adidas

EURO 2000 in Belgium and the Netherlands - Adidas

World Championship 2006 in Germany - Lotto

World Championship 2010 in South Africa - Nike

World Championship 2018 in Russia - ?


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