With Georgia on the day when we were most proud of our football players! (VIDEO)

Yugoslavia got into EURO after 2:2 on Maksimir, while Croatia remained home. Now, eight years later, Serbia could go to the world championship if they win against Georgia, and Croats can easily lose their place as well

Football national team of Serbia is playing the most important game on qualifications for World Championship tonight from 20:45 on the stadium "Rajko Mitic". The rival is Georgia, and no team managed to beat them twice, but that is the goal of our team.

Croat Srbic became a champion of the world: Oh the irony!

The victory for a quiet mind, the win for celebration, the win for the trip to Russia.

The chosen players of Slavoljub Muslin, with the support of, hopefully, full station, should do what everybody expects from them - to complete a cycle with a triumph and to appear in the largest football gathering. 

While the entire nation expects the duel, it's worth recalling some of the past times.

Foto: youtube/printscreen/Iggy Speed

Namely, on this day in 1999 in the qualifications for the European Championship, Croatia and Serbia met in a match that will be forever remembered by the famous reaction of Zoran Bata Mirkovic.

We should not waste words about the nationalism and the hatred of two people. Simply, it was all put into that one match. In Zagreb, on Maksimir, 38.000 fans greeted the national team of Yugoslavia with the hope that their players will "smash" three or four goals and see the guests back to Belgrade.

On the other hand, NATO bombing of Yugoslavia woke up the spite and strengthened the spirit of all people.

When Boksic brought Croats into the lead, the eruption of amazement on Maksimir was unreal. However, Mijatov and Stankovic quickly managed to silence the station, and Stanic scored for the final 2:2.

Epilogue - Yugoslavia celebrates the European championship, Croatia in shock without it. 

It is interesting that similar scenario can happen 18 years later, only without the direct duel of the two teams.

Serbia is on a threshold of leaving for the Munial, while Croatia is going to Ukraine and their placement hangs by a thread...

Just this message for Muslin players: stay brave like Piksi, Mihajlovic, Stankovic and the rest in Zagreb in 1999.


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