They asked the journalist from Sarajevo what language she wants her daughter to learn. The answer is amazing! (VIDEO)

She shared her answer on Facebook, and certain parents reacted quite aggressively, while others supported her, and the status launched a real avalanche of comments

The Facebook status of one mom from Sarajevo has brought the region to its feet, the journalist of N1 Emela Burdzovic has published a questionnaire sent to her by a school and she should white what language she wants her daughter's classes to be.

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Instead of circling Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian, she wrote: "I don't care, I don't care about divisions!" 

She shared her answer on Facebook, and certain parents reacted quite aggressively, while others supported her, and the status launched a real avalanche of comments! 

I don't see that as some kind of division or whatever. It's normal for me to speak Bosnian in Bosnia like they speak Croatian or Serbian in Croatia and Bosnia. I don't understand why the survey. The language depends on the state where you live in. Parents in Serbia or Croatia are not being surveyed - wrote Sanela.

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- Yes, it would be normal if we were just Bosnia. We are a part of a federation where the majority would speak Bosnian, Republika Srpska where the majority would speak Serbian and Herzegovina where the majority would speak Croatian. So it is normal for me to learn BHS language. Children don't know that "historija", "istorija" and "povijiest" are the same (all meaning history) - wrote Mirela.

- One state, two identities, 10 cantons, 143 municipalities, three languages, two letters, and barely enough of us to fit in four avenues around the Central park - wrote Darko.

There are those who condemn Emelin's act. 

- All right Emela, what's not clear here? What's all the fuss about? Be what you are or don't be? My answer is straight up, Bosnian language. The most logical, the most fundamental and the absolute answer - wrote Husein.

But those who are disgusted by divisions

- I have not received the paper yet. I do not know how to explain it to the children. I teach them that we are all the same, I advise them to learn all the languages, even just a little. To make up their own so dad and me can't understand them. Don't divide us, please! Let them learn letters first, and I already have to explain to them what is constitution, fascism, segregation - Adela is bitter.

But at the end, the comment that was a winner was from Nadja! On Emela's question what language she should learn on, Nadja answered Serbian, because she doesn't know it. 

In other words, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Youth of Canton Sarajevo has submitted to all elementary schools instruction that requires schools to ensure the implementation of the teaching process in one of the three official languages of the constituent peoples.

Watch Nadja's first appearance on TV and what Emela said about raising children:


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