His mother left him, he lives with his grandpa and they have no income: He is a straight A's student - his confessions should show us how little we need for happiness! (VIDEO)

This brave boy doesn't take off his smile on his road in life

This boy is only 8 years old and he has all A's in school. He lives only with his grandpa who is disabled and they don't have any incomeHis mother has left him, she ran away and took his younger brother, said the boy. Ajdin Mukic is a very smart boy from the village Kajicka near Travnik and the television show crew of "Fulfill my wish" took him in bicycle shopping.

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It is hard to believe that a mother can abandon her child, but unfortunately, that happens often all around us. Ajdin's mother left him two years ago, but she didn't leave alone, she took the younger brother with her, Ajdin's brother, and he misses him very much. He said that his brother's absence is the hardest for him.

- He listens to me, I listen to him - said the boy proudly for his relationship with his grandpa. He takes his own baths, and grandpa gets up in the dawn, to make fire, to warm up before leaving for school. Their neighbor Fatima comes and she brings them something to eat. Granpa makes the bread, he makes macaroni.

- It will be the best for me when I get my bicycle, no one will have to help me. I write my homework by myself, I know everything. If I don't, I ask my grandpa and he helps me. If only I weren't a child, man... - said Ajdin and he said that his father is somewhere in Herzegovina, working.

He misses his mother and brother Adin, but, he says, it will all pass.

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- I love them both - said the boy.

He doesn't see them, they rarely call him on the phone, but he is not mad, he said, the mother doesn't have that much phone credit.

He is on a tough road of life and this boy is not taking off the smile off of his face. He doesn't have many wishes, just one. His mother called him to wish him a happy birthday. The father didn't, he doesn't even know when his birthday is.

The buying of the bicycle was first Ajdin's shopping. Everything the boy is wearing he received from older children.

Watch the second part where Ajdan is going shopping:

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