Teme: East Europe

Thank you, Serbia: Little Teodora (10) has beaten leukemia and she returned home after spending 14 months in a hospital in Frankfurt (PHOTO)

Belgrade Waterfront is waiting for its first tenants: Take a peek at the interior of one of the most luxurious buildings in the capital (PHOTO)

Beautiful Danijela is a brave police officer from Kikinda who risked her own life and rushed into the fire to save lives of people in a fiery shop (PHOTO)

They cut off Andjelko's head and they played football with it: It has been 26 years since the Bloody Petrovdan in Bratunac (PHOTO)

The incredible success of a young paraglider: He flew over Macedonia in a single breath

Slavica became a widow with four children, her husband committed suicide yesterday over the debt of 185 euros: The electricity is back on, but the suffering doesn't end there (PHOTO)

How did the Serbian press report Croatia's advancement to the finals of the World Championship? (PHOTO)

Snoop Dogg put on a "squared" jersey and he caused delirium among Croatian fans! (PHOTO)

Google Maps captured a chase on our streets: The police are chasing the suspect, and the random passers-by are watching the action in disbelief

"I just reached for the knife. I am so sorry, I still love him very much": This is what transvestite Goran said at the hearing for the murder of Marko Radovic

Croatian fan removed the Albanian flag during the celebration! This is the best scene from the streets (VIDEO)

An older man blackmailed a girl and forced her to have sex: If you are not mine, I will publish your naked photos

Srebrenica Commemoration: Thousands of people paid a tribute to the victims (VIDEO)

There is a real river paradise in Serbia, tucked away in the deep forest: When you step behind dense trees, there are spectacular waterfalls and canyons (PHOTO)

Serbs went to Skiathos via ship and they simply had to dance to kolo (VIDEO)

"My son loved Marko, and he used to beat him up and cheat on him": Mother of a transvestite, Goran, claims that he killed him by accident, out of despair

Kosovo police released five Serbs who were arrested this morning

Trophies are more important to me than money: Jokic surprised everybody with this statement!

Serbia will have an access point to the sea: Dacic is asking for an island, and he received an incredible offer (PHOTO)

The map of Croatia annoyed Bosnians like never before: The whole world teases them for one little thing

Hackers made Serbs miserable who paid for their vacations over fake Greek websites, this is a way to safely make a reservation for your accommodation (PHOTO)

"The God is furious with Serbs. This is done to destroy the people and our line": He published a video of the storm and asked what was happening to us (VIDEO)

Mladjan Dinkic becomes Advisor to Milo Djukanovic

These parts of Serbia will be struck by rainfall the most: The emergency situation in one city, all teams are on the field

Penelope is creating romantic stories, and her heroes are full with confidence: Craziness about love is not foreign to her, and she lives for the moment (PHOTO)

When Milica of Steel is on the street, all the men are running away: She likes aggressive scenes, she is the only girl in Serbia who knows to do it, and they even offered Bollywood to her (PHOTO)

There are 23.238 millionaires in Serbia, and most of them are managers, directors, and engineers (A LIST BY THE CITIES)

Trump's new plan for Kosovo? A new ambassador of the USA is arriving in Kosovo who has two specialties

Unbreakable Slavisa has the most dangerous profession: He survived an explosion, crashes, cars rolling over, even a 60-meter drop (PHOTO)

All monuments raised to invaders, war criminals and terrorists will be removed from Serbia: First one to go is Acif Efendi