Teme: East Europe

Massive chaos in Gymnasium in Nis: Students stormed into the classroom with sticks, they beat everybody, even the teachers and parents

Kolinda made a selfie with a camel in a barn and she started chaos on the internet! (PHOTO)

The most significant victory of Serbia in World War I happened 103 years ago: Honor to the brave soldiers of the battle of Kolubara

The epilogue of the case that left Serbia speechless: It was revealed who really killed a baby found at the landfill in Vrbas

Milica has left her job so she can dedicate herself to cattle and to making cheese which people eat all the way to Africa: This is her answer to the "stars" (PHOTO)

Partizan fan was disfigured: His teeth were smashed out, his nose ripped off, he almost lost an ear

New disturbing data comes from Italy: 348 soldiers died from depleted uranium on Kosovo and Metohija

Croatia is entering the Schengen zone!

Europe is talking about the bloody riot at the derby: Pictures from Belgrade traveled from England to Russia! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A baby was infected with HIV during surgery: The child is 15 years old today and the parents told him that he is suffering from a terrible virus

TITO WAS A SEX MANIAC? Everything about the love life of Broz and his young women! (PHOTO)

The fox that predicted the outcomes of the previous derbies predicts again: Here is the forecast for the 156th derby between Partizan and Red Star (VIDEO)

The passenger brutally beat the public transport ticket controller: He fell down to the ground from the force of the impact and blood started pouring out

Novak is preparing a serious strategy for the new season: New member of his staff is the proof of that!

Evacuation of students in Banja Luka due to bad weather: Storm winds took off roofs from the flooded buildings of the "Nikola Tesla" center

Tornado hits Bosnia and Herzegovina: Experts warn about frequent hurricane winds

Magic at Kotor and Nebojsa managed to capture the shot of the year (PHOTO)

Three players were against Bogdan, they made a grave mistake: Bogdanovic solved the match with the assist against Suns! (VIDEO)

Serbian truck driver blocked the center of Paris because of Vucic (VIDEO)

REAL TRUTH ABOUT STEM CELLS FROM UMBILICAL CORD: The most famous Serbian doctor reveals do they really work or is it - "THE FRAUD OF THE CENTURY" (PHOTO)

Disturbing photos from Valjevo: The roof of the school flew away, tens of objects damaged, trees torn, beehives flew around (PHOTO)

Montenegrins no longer speak Serbian language!

Serbia on the European path: Two new chapters have been opened in Brussels

Horror movie fishing: Instead of the fish, Ivica has caught a HUMAN HEAD out of Drava river!

Spectacular return of Teodosic: The Serb demolished Toronto in the last minute with three points, and he celebrated like never before! (VIDEO)

A young man from Kosovo recognized himself in a childhood photo of his fiancee, and they didn't know each other. Destiny connected them in Montenegro (PHOTO)

Milo Djukanovic revealed how Putin reacted when he was informed about Montenegro joining NATO and EU

Red Star against CSKA, Partizan against Victoria Plzen: First reactions to the draw for the knockout phase of Europa League!

The longest gondola in the world will start working by the end of 2018: Zlatibor is getting a sports hall as well

ALL YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE DRAW OF THE EUROPA LEAGUE: While we are waiting for news from Nyon, chose your rivals for Red Star and Partizan using the balls simulator!