Unbreakable Slavisa has the most dangerous profession: He survived an explosion, crashes, cars rolling over, even a 60-meter drop (PHOTO)

I came to talk with him at the moment while he was preparing to "blow up" a BMW

Slavisa Ivanovic has no problems of surviving a fire, explosion, car rolling over, a crash, fall from a bike at full speed, from a horse, or even from 60 meters. He can lift two people and he can go head to head with masters of martial arts. He is good with guns, even with a sword, and he does this every day and he was never injured, nor did he injure anyone.

They have blown a BMW in front of us, movie scene in the middle of Belgrade: He was racing 100km/h and it flew up to the sky, followed with a big bang (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He is not a wizard, but only officially, but we classify our best Serbian stuntman without a doubt into the order of wizards. 99% of the people would run away from what he is doing. Slavisa belongs to the 1%, including few of his colleagues. 

We found him in the set. There is an Indian film being made these days in Belgrade, and Slavisa is preparing to blow up a "BMW" in the moment of our arrival. They imagined for a car to fly over a ramp at the speed of 100km/h. This time without a stuntman, but with a doll at the driver's seat. This time.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

In this movie alone, there were scenes where cars crashed, stuntmen fell down from the bikes, a police vehicle crashed into a cafe with 20 people inside.

While I walk beside him and listen to him giving orders, it became clear to me why were they preparing the entire day for a 10-second scene. And before that famous "Action", he has to do numerous safety checks, because even the little things can go wrong. 

In that case, the outcome would be fatal for the stuntman - Slavisa said.

Although he is doing a very dangerous job, the profession as a stuntman is not recognized in Serbia. And they would like the most if they could get reduced retirement age.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

- There is an unofficial school here, that offers the services of a stuntman job and trains new members. It is called "Ska team", and to enter into consideration you have to be the expert in some martial arts. At least one - he explains while he performs the last preparations for the shooting of the action scene.

- The elementary school for stuntman lasts for two years, and then you go to the specialized training on the course, in the car which is refurbished for drifting and fast driving, and then there are bikes, falling from a horse, riding - he adds.

VIDEO: Bollywood blew up cars in Belgrade, and these are the scenes Slavisa is participating in 

Stunts are a very serious science which has several branches: High drops, falling on all kind of surfaces, riding, driving of the bike, car, historic fights, modern fights. Burning, explosions, it is interesting that the school for stuntmen is free, and the selection is very rigorous.

- Out of 700-800 candidates, we take three at most, or sometimes not even one. Even if someone passes, the condition is not to leave his basic, fighting discipline - Slavisa is honest.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

While filming a dangerous scene, a man is the most important factor to keep everything safe.

- We filmed a scene where 20 people were sitting in the garden, and we started rolling only when we agreed who will stand up, to run, who will jump, who will roll... Even if a mistake happens, the technique is to blame. In the world, those mistakes are reduced to the minimum. If a stuntman should roll over in a car, they buy a new car. We have to cut the expenses, even on dangerous things - the stuntman said.

Imagine, Slavisa was in almost every movie that you have watched in the past 20 years. The problem is that we don't recognize him because stuntmen work as a double to main or other roles, or they participate in fighting scenes.

- I've done over 120 home movies and series: "Military academy", "Murderers of my father", "Nemanjics", "Haircut", "On a milky way", "Defending young Bosnia", "Mamula", "Folk", "My cousin from the village", "Carlston for Ognjenka", "Fourth Man", "Stealing from the Third Reich", "Boomerang", "Absolute 100", "Family treasure", "The game of thrones".

They say that stuntmen are crazy and rowdy, but it's a big misconception.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

- A stuntman has to be composed on the set, calm, focused on the job he is doing, precisely because everything that we do is very risky.

Although they expose themselves to dangers each day, Slavisa said that working with them is not hard.

- The hardest thing is to wait for your scene, I don't know how, but they leave the action scenes for the end always - Slavisa is commenting while watching at the director, and then he asks me to move behind the safety line because they will begin filming the scene.

VIDEO: Filming of the Indian movie at the Ada bridge

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