They have blown a BMW in front of us, movie scene in the middle of Belgrade: He was racing 100km/h and it flew up to the sky, followed with a big bang (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Due to the force of the jump, the "driver's" head fell off and they showed it to us!

Belgrade has been a real movie scene in the past two weeks, where the best action scenes are taken. It is not a domestic made movie, it is not Hollywood, and the citizens of this city will have the opportunity to meet the Bollywood actors. We were with the team crew at the moment when they blew up a "BMW" into the air and while they performed stunt scenes which will make your hair stand up.

We took a peek into the set of an Indian movie: Bridge on Ada became a Bollywood scene and a black "Porsche" was racing while the drone followed it (VIDEO)

As we found out at the set, the Indians will stay in Serbia for another seven days (24 in total), and it will be marked that the movie "Kotigobba 3" is happening in Belgrade. Great plus for us, but also for our teams who got the opportunity to participate in this.

When they told us they will roll over some cars, I didn't expect it to be a "BMW, but, while they were preparing it for the scene, it didn't seem that they are bothered by that (which is enough to understand the budget Indians are investing into the movies).

Foto: Nikola Tomić

At the track where the car should rush by, I can hear languages: Indians, Serbs, Croats, Romanians, and they were working together on preparing for the "big bang". Several hours for the scene which should last three seconds.

Since I see the team of stuntmen, and as a rookie on the set, I asked who will be in the car while it flies and rolls, and they laugh and explain that in a scene like that, when a car is moving more than 100km/h, there will be only a doll in the car. 

- Oh, good - I am thinking while watching the last preparations. Dolls and vehicles. A weld here and there, adjusting, screwing, testing of all devices, which is handled by a remote... And everything is ready.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

Everything was planned to the millimeter. The acceleration of the car, the surface the car will be jumping from, and the tires it will use to stop. The improvisation and mistakes are not allowed in these scenes, because they can be fatal

Everything lasts for a few seconds, and it truly leaves a great impression.

Should I mention the amount of adrenaline when the car jumps at full speed to the sky, just a few meters away from you?

Foto: Nikola Tomić

Foto: Nikola Tomić

When they brought a doll to me and when they showed that the head fell off with such a forceful smash, I understood why it wasn't a stuntman inside.

Foto: Telegraf

The "accident site" was cleared in a matter of seconds, as if nothing happened, and the crew went to prepare the next scene. It seems that I am fascinated the most by what I have seen, as well as the residents of nearby buildings who recorded everything. The actors and production see these things every day.

VIDEO: Watch the recording of the scene at Ada bridge that we recorded the day earlier

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