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A BRUTAL VIDEO OF SERBIAN GENDARMERIE SETS THE INTERNET ON FIRE: This is how Serbian Special Forces are preparing for war with KLA! (VIDEO)

A special training of Serbian Special Forces for practicing defense against terrorists will leave you breathless, here is why

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Serbian security forces have increased their combat readiness in barracks and police buildings and points that could be a target for Albanian terrorists. Serbian Gendarmerie will be the first Serbian bastion of defense against KLA extremists from Kosovo!


At the official Serbian Gendarmerie Youtube channel, a video of just one part of their training was posted, and you can see that this Serbian elite forces are ready for defense of police stations and bases from terrorists.


A raised level of combat readiness in Serbia: Nikolic raises the ARMY for the defense of Serbs from the KLA!


Although the video was posted a year ago, this this training is still popular and they are practicing again.


There is a danger that more than 50 KLA veterans from Kosovo and Metohija to come to Presevo and then start acting in central Serbia!


Bureau: No indications conflicts will spill over to Serbia


Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Nikolić

Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Nikolić


After the terrorist attacks in Macedonia when 8 policemen were killed by Albanian terrorists, according to the information from Serbian security services, the riskiest part of Serbia is the Ground Safety Zone. Because of this, Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs immediately after the first shot being fired in Kumanovo, deployed additional combat forces in southern Serbia. Serbian Special Forces have kept under control this part of the country ever since, with their fingers on the triggers!


WE FIND OUT: Albanians have fallen into Serbian territory, the Gendarmerie shot at them!


– The situation in the security zone in the area near Macedonia is stable. There is the increased presence of members of the Gendarmerie, the Border Police, Special units and general police as well as the Serbian Army – said the commander of theGendermerie Goran Dragović.




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  • Elaine

    March 14, 2016 | 20:53

    Full support to Serbia. Every right to look after herself, this country has taken enough from the countries and leaders around her and far afield. Brilliant, I wish those Gendarmerie would protect us too.


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