- The break-up of Yugoslavia was aimed to weaken the Serbian people in favor of other nations - claims the representative of the French "National Front" in the European Parliament

Representatives of the French "National Front" in the European Parliament prepared a resolution on Srebrenica as a counter-attack to the one written by the United Kingdom and in it they point out that this place in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot of Serbian victims of which many still remain silent!

Vucic: Serious crimes occured in Srebrenica, let's respect other people's suffering

The resolution on Srebrenica, whose author is a member of the Front Emeric Chopard points out that between 1992 and 1993, 39 Serbian villages near Srebrenica were devastated and their inhabitants massacred and deported, as well as in the case of Potocari there is no formal evidence of the planning of mass executions.

This proposal reminds that the Hague criteria has no convincing evidence in favor of accusing Serbs of genocide in Srebrenica.

THE BRUTAL ATROCITIES OF NASER ORIC: With bare hands he gouged out the eyes of Serbian civilians!

Foto: Wikimedia/RealpolitikCommons

Foto: Wikimedia/RealpolitikCommons

This is not the first time that this Frenchman represents Serbian interests in the European Parliament, there he also commented that Paris made a historical mistake which the acknowledgment of Kosovo and added that in NATO's war against Serbia, it confirmed the separatism of the Albanians, and that the EU followed the American policy.

SERBS DID NOT RAPE BOYS IN SREBRENICA: Here is what Serbia ADVISED the United States, Britain and the Security Council!

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- All is, unfortunately a continuation of what happened in 1999 from the time of the unauthorized war against Serbia by NATO, whose aim was to confirm the separatism  of the Albanians from Kosovo, who have become the majority in this territory due to demographic reasons. And the EU has followed the US policy - said the official of  the National Front.

According to him, the United States benefits the most from all of this, because Serbia is an Orthodox country historically close to Russia, a regional power.

- Breaking Yugoslavia was aimed to weaken the Serbian people in favor of the other nations. Behind the rights of minorities were hidden strategic interests, the US, and German - said Chopard.


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