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Here's how a BRAZILIAN hid the largest amount of COCAINE ever at the Belgrade airport! (PHOTO)

The young man, who arrived in Belgrade from Sao Paulo, via Zurich, acted, according to colleagues, like a student who was in no way different from other passengers

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The suitcase of one twenty-six year old Brasil citizen housed the largest quantity of smuggled cocaine, a whopping 8.5 kilograms, that the airport "Nikola Tesla" has ever discovered.

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According to the Customs Administration, customs officers discovered the cocaine in the afternoon of July 9th.

The young man, who arrived in Belgrade from Sao Paulo, via Zurich, acted, according to colleagues, like a student who was in no way different from other passengers.

Police search the OWNER OF A CAR WASH: They found a drug that is worth 10 million euros! (PHOTO)

He carried a brand new passport in which the first seal was precisely the one that he got at the entrance to the Belgrade airport.

Foto: carina.rs

Foto: carina.rs

Fortunately, the international exchange of intelligence information indicated that he is actually a potential drug traffickers, forcing him into the green control passage with customs officials from the Department of Anti-Smuggling and singled out his luggage for a detailed review.

This man has been termed the new Pablo Escobar, he says that's the furthest from the truth!

The young Brazilian showed no signs of anxiety, and acted like he was not under the influence of sedatives, but behaved extremely calmly and quietly accepted the review.

His luggage, which consisted of a suitcase, and two smaller bags was immediately viewed on a scanner that showed nothing out of the ordinary.

Foto: carina.rs

Foto: carina.rs

Customs officials, however, had information that there is definitely something hidden, which is why they opened the luggage and in the pockets of all the bags found sewn bags plastered with special indigo, which can mislead the scanner.

"Balkan group" of cocaine smugglers arrested in Spain!

During testing, the device that detects suspicious substance composition changed to a bluish color, which confirmed that it was cocaine.

From the baggage of the passenger, seven packages with a total weight of 8,331 grams of the drug were found, which is why immediately upon discovery, the young man was remanded to further police jurisdiction, namely, members of SBPOK.

Foto: carina.rs

Foto: carina.rs

In a statement issued on the spot, the boy first said that he thought he was carrying three kilos of the drug, but then changed his statement, saying that he did not know what was in the bag, but that he agreed to take them for one of his friends.

Everyone was immediately notified about the event, from the embassy of Brazil to the state prosecutor. The investigation has been expanded to identify any accomplices and the outcome will be publicly announced in due time, read in a statement.

(Telegraf.co.uk/ Tanjug)

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