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Serbian police officers found cocaine worth 80.000 Euro in the trap door of a car!

Police officers arrested 5 people due to reasonable doubt that they had performed an illegal act of processing and selling drugs

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Department of Internal Affairs stated today that the police officers arrested 5 people and took 2.5 kg of cocaine, with the estimated worth of 80.000 Euro.

Here's how a BRAZILIAN hid the largest amount of COCAINE ever at the Belgrade airport! (PHOTO)

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Police arrested A.S. (31) and D.S. (60) near the city of Subotica, and  V. B. (31), S. J. (29) and M. J. (26) were arrested in Belgrade due to reasonable doubt they had performed the illegal act of processing and selling drugs.

All the persons arrested are from Belgrade.

In the statement it was described that the drug was found in a special car bunker, along with several cellphones, allegedly used by the members of this group for communication.

The persons arrested are said to have been smuggling narcotics from the Western Europe and selling them throughout Serbia.


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