JOVAN THE GENIUS (16) HAS 16 DIPLOMAS IQ 150 AND EMPTY STOMACH: "If I had food, I would not waste it away"! (PHOTO)

Jovan Stevic (16) from Cacak has IQ of 150 and it has not helped him so far in his life, everything around him he sees in numbers, draws square roots of a million numbers and with figures he deceives hunger, because he is with a single mother who has no job living from just 8,400 dinars

His world is mathematics. There are constant numbers in his head. Each step taken in his life was counted. All around him he can see in figures - people, streets, buildings, cars ... His favorite is when he counts diplomas A's from School Diary... And the saddest thing is that his beautiful mind of sixteen year old Jovan Stevic, counts and all those bad days - when he had nothing to eat, days without water, living in basements, in mold, dark, and how many days was he unbathed ...

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Oral mathematics in his little finger. In no time he will draw a square root of any number up to a million, and with a maximum error to one. Easily multiplying two-digit numbers, the square even three-digit numbers, percentages account... If you tell him your date of birth he will immediately hit the day of the week when you saw the light of life, reports Vecernje novosti.

And he's arrived to this world (at the time we spoke), as he likes to say, 5759 days ago. Few, unfortunately, were those days which are happy to remember. Poverty and skiing with her single mother Snezana Mijailovic from apartment to apartment, from cellar to cellar, often without food, without clean clothes ... made that this young man who has a level of intelligence that is measured with a genius (IQ 150), remembers only sad moments.

Foto: Printskrin/RTS

Foto: Printskrin/RTS

-My mother and I were in life more hungry than full. I remember how many times we moved. Until recently we lived in the basement, which was flooded. Because of moisture it was not possible to live there, but also from worms, bugs ... - Jovan told the Vecernje Novosti:


- For nearly two years we lived in a village near Cacak in a house without water. We could not have a bath, but we were lacking and basic toiletries. Therefore, the children avoided me. I was not accepted. And now I feel it, though I bathe regularly, they have a problem because i learn and i am active on classes.

For the first time Jovan noticed his connection with mathematics and numbers when he was the third grade of elementary school. As a piece of cake, as he explained, in head he added and multiplied numbers. His mother says that the former teachers pointed that out even then. - He first learned to count to ten, and then how to pronounce his name.

Foto: Printskrin/RTS

Foto: Printskrin/RTS

I was constantly an excellent student, "valedictorian" in the primary. And now I got all straight A's,except from physical education. Where your mind goes, strength wont follow - Jovan jokes and adds:

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- You see, I often did not have anything to eat. But in those moments, my brain has been able to play with the numbers in order to fool an empty stomach. I do not need a lot of food. I wish I had just enough to not be hungry. I would not waste food.

There have been successes and there still are of a young boy from Cacak who is currently a student in the School of Economics on the city by the Morava River. Till now has more than 30 diplomas from various competitions in primary school, and from the regional center for talent. Recently won fourth place at the national competition in mathematics. He is excellent with foreign languages.

Foto: Printskrin/RTS

Foto: Printskrin/RTS

- I had enough help from students from the school. They collected clothes for me, food, hygiene products. Humanitarian organizations from Dubai currently pays rent for us. This is the first house in which we live, ever since I can remember, we have normal living conditions. For a mother receives a month 8,400 dinars of help. With this money we can not do anything... Mother has been working in "Parking service", but with the disease is coming ... no longer. They'll see that  she can get a disability pension. She has problems with bones, is a diabetic and has high blood pressure. City had employed her twice. Now there is no more room for her ... We don't even ask for help from them anymore - told the Jovan.

His mother Snezana defended Kosovo.

- For me, there is no place where I could work. By profession I am a nurse, midwife. I'm from Pristina. I went for the training and for medical technicians in wartime. I went to defend Kosovo, to defend my own. I was in Pristina and then in Urosevac detachment. But, who cares about that anymore. Now I am sick and helpless. The medicines are too expensive, food is expensive ... I do not know how we will continue to live like this - said Snezana.


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