JORGOVANKA TABAKOVIC: 45 tons of Serbian gold missing!

Jovanka Tabakovic, the governor of National Serbian bank pointed out that gold reserves are 18.3 tons

From the total gold reserves, 1.01 tons is in Basel, and the rest in the National bank of Serbia (NBS) treasury, said Jorgovanka Tabakovic, among the other topics on the presentation of August report on inflation in NBS building.

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According to her, on the question how did 46 tons of gold stored in Basel became only one ton, will be the question to be asked for a long time by the Serbia officials

Net reserves of NBS have been increased since the start of 2015 by 85 million euro, on the basis of central bank interventions in the interbank foreign exchange market.

As the governor pointed out, the gold reserves are 18.3 tons, and on the question has NBS interventions in the interbank foreign exchange market affected the decrease in turnover of foreign exchange, Tabakovic said that there is no such ascertainment, and the average monthly turnover on the market was around 590 million euros since the beginning of this year.

Foto: Profimedia/imageBROKER

Foto: Profimedia/imageBROKER

- Each of our reaction is well proportioned and has the sole aim - to maintain financial stability and the stability of the dinar exchange rate, as well as to restore the confidence that was shaken on the financial resistors - emphasized Tabakovic adding that the role of central banks, among other things, to monitor trading on the interbank foreign exchange market, in order for financial derivatives not to appear which would "pollute" the market, as she said.


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