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LITTLE SOFIJA FROM SERBIA SINGS RUSSIAN ANTHEM: Thousands of people listened to it, and then everybody were left speechless (VIDEO)

Sofija's mother can share the love for Russian language and she knows very well what enthusiasm is, respect and loyalty to the work

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Little Sofija is the daughter of the teacher of Russian language Natasa Jeftic, who teaches Russian language not only to the students, but also to her own children, from the smallest age, and the way this little girl sings the Russian anthem amazed the users on social networks. 

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The pupils of the school "Momcilo Zivojinovic" in Mladenovac go with pleasure to the extracurricular activities to Natasa Jevtic, teacher of Russian language, said the local media.

Natasa can share the love for Russian language, and she knows very well what the enthusiasm is, respect and loyalty for her work. Next to the class, Natasa is also translating and singing Serbian songs in choirShe is moved by the great love towards Russia and Russian culture which she manages to share with hundreds of students.

She fell in love with Russia when she was still a child. Once children from Russia came to the Metropolitan Amfilohije - Choir of St Petersburg and students of a private Moscow Gymnasium. Natasha sang with them, showing them the city and they learned a lot about the great brotherly country.

However, how much Russia really means to her, can be best seen when her daughter sings Russian anthem. 

Watch the video:


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