IF KOSOVO CAN BE INDEPENDENT, SO CAN REPUBLIKA SRPSKA: Trump adviser advocated for Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Serbs are denied of the right to secede from the Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Serbs are forced to accept the separation of Albanian Muslims

Adviser to the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, for foreign affairs Valid Fares, analyzing the declaration of independence of Kosovo, argued that the same right should be given to the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).  

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In an analysis published in 2007, Fares stressed that the international community during the wars in the`90s immediately recognized the right of secession of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, while it never answered the question - why Croats and Muslims can secede from Yugoslavia, and Serbs can not apply the same law in compared of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina?

He points out that the Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which, according to its analysis constitute 31 percent of the country, were denied the right on their own state, while the Albanians who make up 14 percent of Serbia's population, but the United States and Western Europe were rushing to recognize their statehood. So, concludes Fares, the same right to self-determination should be given to the Serbs in BiH, because it would provide an opportunity for a general reconciliation in the Balkans.

Fares stressed that Serbs have a specific problem - to deal with Islamic aspirations and that assisting the establishment of a Muslim state in Europe would lead to the strengthening of Al-Qaeda and the jihadist views on the world.

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Raqqa Media Center

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Raqqa Media Center

Fares then warned that Washington and Brussels have to be wise and think about the implications, if the local authorities in Kosovo declare independence. Then he stated that the right to self-determination for the people who consider themselves a separate ethnic group should always be recognized, but it must be pre-filled with two conditions: that they are not harmful to others and that this right is not misused in the name of totalitarian ideologies.

When it comes to the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, Fares said that the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered injustice. 

The international community, led by the United States and Western Europe immediately recognized the right of secession of two republics, but was also against the right to self-determination of the Serbs within the means of the newly recognized states. They never answer the question: Why can Croats and Muslims secede from Yugoslavia, but the same law can not apply to Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia?

Foto: Pixabay, S. Pikula, Wikimedia

Foto: Pixabay, S. Pikula, Wikimedia

Albanians, says Fares, are the majority in the province where they want to claim, but those are also Serbs in the republic they want to claim in Bosnia. Therefore, according to the fundamental principle of equal treatment, if the Albanians are given the right to self-determination, the same rights should be given to the Serbs in Bosnia.

Fares asks in his analysis, why is it that the USA automatically puts themselves on one side against the certain group regardless of the arguments? In Bosnia, he points out, Serbs are denied of the right to secede from the Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Serbs are forced to accept the separation of Albanian Muslims.

Serbs have a special problem, they deal with the "Islamic aspirations." Statements made by US lawmakers claiming that assisting in the establishment of a Muslim state in Europe could send a positive message to the Muslim world and serve the American war on terror. This strange logic, predicted then Fares, rather than weakening the jihadist view on world, will only strengthen Al Qaeda and similar.

Foto: Profimedia/Abaca

Foto: Profimedia/Abaca

Connecting divisions and breaking down of countries with American success in gathering Muslim diplomatic support can be very harmful elsewhere in the world.

Fares in 2007 warned that the United States and Europe must avoid mistakes in Kosovo, which force Serbia to accept the territorial loss without a transformation of the entire peace process in the former Yugoslavia. Success would be possible, if the self-determination of Albanians in Kosovo equaled the self-determination of the Serbs in Bosnia.

To provide equal rights for both communities, of the greatest possible autonomy to the potential independence on the basis of mutual negotiations and referendum. If Albanians achieve statehood, Serbs should too in Bosnia.

Fares then believed that the US and Russia should reach agreement on the Balkans. The agreement should be signed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and the new autonomous territories for the alliance against jihadist terrorists and deny access of networks of Salafis and Homeins in this countries.

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