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UEFA QUESTIONS RED STAR'S BUSINESS: Never in history has Marakana seen this rigorous control!

Red-white still believe that they will pass the audit with no problem, although tension and nervousness are increased due to the presence of the leaders of the European home of football

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Representatives of UEFA  are going through the papers of Red Star for the fourth day at the Marakana. Documentation is being controlled and checked whether the red-and-white could provide a license for European competitions next season.


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This is regularly monitoring of the European home of football, which is conducted every three months, but as we learned, they have never been such a rigorous control on Marakana in history. The complete business of the Serbian champion is being checked, and the UEFA have been on the stadium from Monday, checking every single detail.


First one representative of UEFA arrived, only to hire later one of the biggest auditing firms on the world, who's director joined the UEFA officials.


To remind you, Red Star was forbidden to compete in Europe for two years, because of the omission in the papers and not fulfilling the financial fair play. The club, which was the the champion in 2014, was forbidden to play the qualifications for Champions League. Red Star then received a suspended sentence of three years.


Last season and one before that, the leadership of the club managed to secure a licence, and we will see how will this year's revision go. Tensions are increased at Marakana and there is large pressure and nervousness due to the rigorous control of UEFA, but they believe they will easily pass the audit.



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