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Elementary education would be divided into three cycles of three grades

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On the session of the Education Committee of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts the proposal was heard that primary school should lasts nine years. According to that proposal, current preschoolers would be first grade, and the entire elementary schooling would be divided into three cycles of three grades each.


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Elementary school should last nine, instead of the current eight years. Years of schooling should not be added to children, but the preschool should be counted as first grade. 


Elementary education would be divided into three cycles, each with three grades. This is the direction the elementary school could be reformed.


There were arguments against applying this model, which is not mentioned in the national strategy of educational development.


There was a dilemma who would win and who would lose there - high grade teachers or homeroom teachers. Would the homeroom teachers be in four or five grades?


Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Lipkovski, president of the National Education Council, said that this would not be a small but revolutionary change.


- With the introduction of such a system, the surrounding countries have a number of problems. This change is encouraged from the outside, due to savings in education, imposed on us by lenders and financiers. For the last 20 to 30 years, the education system has changed a lot. Many things were done in a hurry, many ruined, but the system is brought into the unenviable situation - said Lipkovski.


He also said that it is necessary that allocation for science should be increased from three to six per cent of GDB, and in his opinion, it is necessary to introduce only one shift in schools.


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