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A terrible tragedy happened last weekend when a young man killed his peer by stabbing him with a knife

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Objects like Split hotel "Marjan" are deteriorating from the moment company "Adriatik" went bankrupt. Zoran Miletic, manager, warns officials that uncontrolled groups of people are going in the hotel and they sleep in there, drink and hang around, so a guard must be hired as soon as possible.

In a war hostel in Sarajevo you are greeted with a bulletproof vest and a with a helmet on the head! (PHOTO)

Reporters from Slobodna Dalmacija investigated how dangerous and unfinished the hotel Marjan is, they joined the watch organized by the former workers after the terrible tragedy that happened in front of the hotel when a young man was stabbed

The hosts of the tour were Tomislav Juricevic who carried the "suitcases" for the guests for 38 years and he welcomed them at the spot where murder occurred, and Ante Ledenko, who was on guard the first night and prevented the entry of a middle aged man and two young men, estimated to be under 18 years old.

The people who knew the hotel rooms like the back of their hands do not hide the horrors of the dangers that lurk young people who gather at the places where they shouldn't.

Iron bars sticking out of the ceiling, shattered glass on the floor of once most popular congress hall. Elevator shafts unprotected, steps without any rails. Basements flooded and there is water in the building foundations. 

Printskrin: google/maps

Printskrin: google/maps

- I am afraid that "Marjan" will have the fate like the ex building "Dalmacijavina" in the harbor which was completely devastated after it belonged to the state. If someone plans to devastate this project for its value to go down and to buy it for small money, we former workers won't accept it - said Ante Ledenko who estimates that it takes 15 million euros to finish the hotel.

Workers organized the guards to prevent further destruction of the hotel. Two are guarding at night in cars, and during they day they are even walking around the object. However, according to the unofficial information, manager organized guard service which will be payed for renting the concrete plateau for rent-a-car companies that park their vehicles there.

See how hotel "Marjan" looks like HERE.

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: slobodnadalmacija.hr)

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