ChoKolinda affair: Croatia explained that Serbian chocolates were packed in Vukovar, Grabar Kitarovic apologized for the "incident"

It is about a chocolate with rice filling, made by Pionir from Subotica

Cabinet of Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic claims that the Serbian chocolates produced in Subotica Pionir, which she shared to the children in kindergarten in Dubrovnik, were found in a basket full of Croatian products, so there were few "controversial" products among three hundred other. 

Kolinda gave gifts from Serbia to children on Defenders day, parents in Croatia shocked! (PHOTO)

It was said from the cabinet on T-portal that Serbian chocolates were made in company Zitnjak, owned by Agrokor, and the commemorative package, according to declaration, was packed in Vukovar, and it contains one "controversial" candy bar.

- The above-mentioned commemorative package was used to complement the bucket full of Croatian products, with the result that among the three hundred products there were several "controversial" - said the Cabinet of Grabar Kitarovic.

She pointed out that she was very keen to promote Croatian products.

- I am extremely disappointed because I represent and support the campaign "Buy Croatian". There were products that were not Croatian, and which are on Croatian market. Croatian president must promote Croatian products and it will not happen again. We will apologize to parents and we will send Croatian products - said Grabar Kitarovic.

She shared to the chocolates from Serbia to the group of Dubrovnik children on the occasion of Dubrovnik Defenders day.

Croatian public found out about that after a parent posted the photo of chocolate on his Facebook profile.

- I had to post this so you can see what kind of state we live in, His kindergarten went to Kolinda and got this out of her hands, her picture and chocolate from Serbia, this is pitiful, on the day of Dubrovnik Defenders. Bravo! - said this parent, and reported by Dubrovnik news.

It is about a chocolate Mony with rice filling, made by Pionir from Subotica.

It is unclear what is a greater provocation for Croats. The fact that Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic shared Serbian chocolates to the children or that she gave her picture to the kinderkarten children with a golden signature like a North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Portal Index.hr tried to get a comment from president Kitarovic, but, as they say, her spokesman Luka Djurc ignored the question of the portal for the umpteenth time.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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