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SERBIA SELLS 10 RESORTS: Privatization starts from January!

All court proceedings conducted over the owners of the spas, must be completed no later than January 9 after which, the new owners will be found

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The Serbian government gave a deadline to the State Attorney's Office, Republic Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance and Republican Fund for Health Insurance to end all the court proceedings conducted over the owners of the spas no later than January 9. Only when the property-legal relations have been solved, the privatization process will be conducted. 


Russians have DISAPPOINTED Serbia, but Serbs have not disappointed GREECE!


According to the Novosti that are using the findings in the Ministry of Economy, 10 Serbian resorts should be looking for a new boss from the new year. 


Retirement and Disability Fund lacks the capacity to manage rehabilitation centers and in order to continue with development of spa tourism in Serbia, help from the country is needed, highlights from the Retirement and Disability Fund.


- We completely support the government proposition that his property should be lead by the state, so the rehabilitation centers could be used at full capacity - they said in the Fund and add:


Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf


- When we say that the Fund does not capacity, we don't think about the people, but the fact that only buildings are in our possession, and the sources of mineral waters belong to the state, so without it, we can't do anything if the rehabilitation centers continued working.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernje novosti)

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