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NO VISA FOR DODIK: Americans don't allow the President of Republika Srpska to go to Donald Trump inauguration!

President of Republika Srpska pointed that he received the invitation from the people who were in Trump election headquarters

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President of Republika Srpska (RS) Milorad Dodik said for Radio Television RS that American embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) refused his request for diplomatic visa to go to inauguration of the new United States president Donald Trump, with the explanation that he is not going as a representative of BiH.  
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- What's the point of diplomatic passport of BiH? - asked Dodik and added that he does not exclude denouncing it, and that it is more and more like that he will travel with Serbian passport in the following year.
President of RS pointed that he received the invitation from the people who were in Trump election headquarters, the ones that are part of the team dealing with the transition of former American administration into new one.
Dodik retold the phone call for RTRS in detail he had with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Brian, who asked him to give up the policy of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and to respond to the Prosecutor's Office.
Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

He called the whole story rant directed by US Ambassador to BiH Maureen Cormack. 
- The entire rant was created the moment when the name Milorad Dodik appeared on the list and of course the certificate saying Milorad Dodic and tickets for the ball - said the President of RS.
RTRS points that he accused Dodic in the phone conversation for halting the progress of BiH towards EU, as well that he asked SNSD to give up the declaration about processes for 2018.
Foto: Tanjug/Milutin Marković

Foto: Tanjug/Milutin Marković

- I said that American administration is most to blame for BiH's crisis and i asked them to leave BiH and not to calculate again. I said that SNSD won't give up their policies - mentioned Dodik.
He added that the phone conversation was held in the presence of Cormack.
- The day after the conversation my diplomatic Visa was rejected with the explanation that i am not going there as a representative of BiH - said Dodik.

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