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Thief stole clothes in village near Tetovo, he put his hands in pockets and found 23.000 euros!

Police reported that six burglaries took place in a single day in this village

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Fifty year old Dz.A. from a village Bogovinje near Tetovo on the west of Macedonia, will regret for a long time for keeping large amount of money in clothes, instead of safe. While he was sound asleep, unknown thief broke in his house, sneaked in and started "working".
WHEN BOSNIAN STARTS STEALING... He wanted to rob a garage, then he accidentally locked himself in. He waited for police to unlock him

First he "swept" through the saloon, and when he found nothing valuable, he took a purse and clothes of the unfortunate Dz. A, and he ran away from the house.
The thief must have surprised himself later on when he put his hands into the pockets of the stolen jacket and pants. In the leather jacket, there was 22.000 euros, and in a pair of trousers, 20.000 denars. 
A valuable loot - he also found 120,000 denars in the men's purse.
The thief must have known that Dz.A. sold his crops the day before and he took a sizable amount of money. Unfortunately for him, he did not put the money on safe place, instead he kept it in his clothes.
The burglary was done in the night between midnight and 6 AM. When Dz.A. woke up and wanted to dress himself, he saw that his pants were missing, and his jacket, with the money, so he reported the theft to the police, and they investigated the scene.  
Police reported that six burglaries took place in a single day in this village Bogovinje. The thieves often still money, but they say in the police that its not a rare case that the theft was done by some family member.
Besides Bogovinje, villages Cegrane, Grupcin, Dobri Dol, Zerovljane are also the marks, including houses, apartments and objects in cities Tetovo and Gostivar. It is characteristic that the thieves mostly stole TVs from houses, restaurants and betting shops.  
(Telegraf.co.uk / D.J.)

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