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Scandalous racist message of Rad official for Everton: Show your dark skin fingers in Brazil! (PHOTO)

Deputy of FC Rad Jelena Polic published a shameful message on her Facebook profile, and she quickly erased it afterwards

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Shame seen on the stadium of King Petar I on Banjica, when Rad fans insulted Partizan player Everton Luiz with racist comments, has traveled around the world and put Serbia on the pillar of shame.


Red Star supporters remodeled graffiti in Osijek which made Croatia proud since the fall of Vukovar: Now they are written in Cyrillic (PHOTO)


The dust still rises and after scandalous statement of FC Rad, in which they did not condemn the behavior of their supporters, and the official of the club, in charge of the woman's section, Jelena Polic, answered.


She published a shameful status where she condemned Everton behavior on her profile, and she used the opportunity to add racist comment, like "go to Brazil and show your dark fingers there".


Foto: A. Nalbantjan

Foto: A. Nalbantjan


- This entire story about "great" player Everton and the situation on the game Rad - Partizan is really sad and biased! Why don't you say how many insults "mister" Crybaby said to Nikola Drincic during the game, how he hit Vladimir Rodic, showed middle finger to the fans? But ok, we are all racists and nationalists - FC Rad official was furious.


She called out Red Star between the lines, saying that they present "Tito crew" with seven foreigners.


- Apparently we should respect others more than we respect ourselves, to be proud when we have in one "serious TITO" team 7 foreigners! And then fake tears, fake story "I love Serbia and i think of it as a second home".


Foto: A. Nalbantjan

Foto: A. Nalbantjan


- Go home to your nice Brazil, show you dark skin fingers there, curse Brazilian mothers and everything will be alright - wrote Polic.


At the end she ironically said "no to racism", and put few smiley faces crying with laughter at the end.


Watch how it all looked like on he profile. She quickly erased her statement, but the print screen remained as a proof of her words.


Printskrin: Facebook.com/PolicJelena7

Printskrin: Facebook.com/PolicJelena7





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