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"Black Serb" defends our country from Americans: There is no racism in Serbia, but you can't live in Chicago because of that!

- I adopted Serbia as my homeland for few reasons. That country taught me a lot of things, a lot of life lessons - wrote the american

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Jovan Crnovica.k.a. Jibri Bell, is known more and more in Serbia. Americans are raising three fingers because of this guy and wear different Serbian writings on their shirts, and now he stood out with his latest status on Facebook regarding our country.


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Jovan's love towards Serbia began few years ago when he came because of love, and he made clips where he raps about cevaps, euro cream and rakija.


- I live in USA, state that was built on slavery and bloody ravishment of territories of the people who lived there. I adopted Serbia as my homeland for few reasons. That country taught me a lot of things, a lot of life lessons. Culture and customs of east Europe are teaching you something you can't learn in america.


- However, as people, we are still dealing with epidemic of hate and fear. Racism is a sickness that has to be rooted out, and it is up to us to find the cure. That is why movements such as "black Serbs" are making cultural bridges and are important.


- Few of my american friends asked me if i ever experienced racism while i was in Serbia, after reading the news (racism on the football match Rad - Partizan, because of the Brazilian Everton, prim. aut.). I have never experienced something like that while i lived in East Europe, but i did in Chicago, where there is too much racism, you can't live because of it. And it is all because of lack of knowledge, understanding and communication.


- We are not born into the world using racial slurs or believing that we are better due to the pigment of our skin. WE ARE TAUGHT HATE. Just as we are taught hate we must teach love, understand compassion and empathy.


We have the power to teach our children and the youth watching us how to love one another. We have the power to change the world!




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