Serious warning for Serbia: By 2040. we will miss 100.000 workers!

Some countries already have lack of employment and they allow controlled immigration. Even though it seems unbelievable, it could happen to Serbia

Serbia could lack 80.000 to 100.000 workers after 2040. because there will be less capable people due to emigration and reduced growth - economist Ivan Nikolic claims.

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He pointed out that by 2033 the number of unemployed of last year 489,400 could reduce to 369,200 workers by 2025, and in 2033 unemployment will fall to below 100,000.

- The unemployment rate in 2020 will drop to 11.5 percent, and in 2027 under six percent - said Nikolic.

He pointed out that the dynamic economic growth, inter alia, depends on the quantity and quality of the workforce, their educational and age structure.

Foto: stat.gov.rs

Foto: stat.gov.rs

- Birthrate in Serbia in 2015 amounted to 1.46 and it was lower than in 2001 when it was 1.58. This rate is not sufficient to stop the depopulation - said Nikolic.

He added that we can not fight with demographics arms against unfavorable demographic tendencies, but we should seek the solutions to improve the education and adjustment to the needs of the labor market, shortening the length of study and earlier employment, as well as moving the retirement age.

- Germany will have 80 million inhabitants less by 2050. and is aware of the problem and therefore also accepts migrants, perhaps that is not their wish, but there is no alternative - says the economist.

Director of the Republic Statistical Office Miladin Kovacevic said that "the world's population is growing and that the population will be redistributed".

- In history, there were migrations. Some countries already have in mind the lack of manpower and allow controlled entry of immigrants. The laws of the market are operating and it is impossible to completely close the border - said Kovacevic.

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