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How i took down the "invisible" NATO plane": Exactly 18 years since the missile hit F-117A (PHOTO)

This feat of air defense of the Army of Yugoslavia was unique in the world, and it brought promotion to hero colonel, now pensioners Zoltan Dani (59), who fired the shot that destroyed the PRIDE OF NATO

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Today will be remembered in history not only by the coup that took place 75 years ago, but also by the fact that on 27 March 1999, during the bombing, Yugoslav Army shot down an American plane F-117A

18 years since the NATO bombing, Vucic said: We will never again suffer like we did in 1999 (PHOTO)

Colonel Zoltan Dani, whose unit took down the plane, received congratulations of Serbia and well earned retirement.

Zoltan Dani hasn't been in active military for quite some time, and is now a baker, he is spending his days in village Skorenovac near Kovin.

In the interview he gave for Telegraf.rs, this hero who took down the invisible plane, speaks bluntly what happened on 27 March when the pride of NATO was taken down.

Foto: Printskrin RTS

Foto: Printskrin RTS

That day was specific, because we were in position from 24th to 27th March in Simanovci, we were connecting cables of radar system and we should be in quiet mode. Without any radiation, to mask ourselves as best as  possible. On that 27th March in 18:00 h we were given order to turn on the system. However there were technical problems, and we weren't able to start them right away and we needed another hour to make them work. In 20:00 h we were all in high alert, everything was ready to launch the missilesDani remembered every detail.

Foto: Wikimedia/Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon II

Foto: Wikimedia/Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon II

Around 20:30, one of the potential goals from "Azimut 195" was heading towards us.

- I estimated that he can enter the zone of contact, i asked for permission from operational center to act. We received clearance. We had two tracking systems, observation and sighting radar, it is dangerous of the second radar to be on for too long because it attracts anti-radar missiles, we were watching to use it as little as possible. It is important to have a very trained crew, when the target comes close to 15 kilometers, to mark it so the missile is fired at the precise direction. When everything came together, i simply fired a missile - said Dani.


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