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THE MOST SHOCKING MOMENT OF THE DERBY TV CAMERAS DID NOT RECORD: The most hardcore Red Star fans will respect Leonardo for what he has done (VIDEO)

Brazilian showed fair play, but before that humanity and he helped a football player of the eternal rival who was fighting for his breath

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Even though there was a lot of tension on the field during 154th Eternal Derby, and upon its finish, when there was almost a fight between Red Star and Partizan players in front of the dressing room, we could see one fine example of a true fair play, but also humanity.

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In the main role was Partizan's hero Leonardo, who settled the derby with two goals. This time he was the first one to run to the Richmond Boakye, when he saw that the situation is pretty dire, when Red Star attacker lost air after a strong duel.

Even though it seemed harmless on the TV, our cameras were just few meters away from it and we could see from the best angle that Boakye was in pretty big problem. Even the Red Star doctors turned him to the side, just like in the situations when people faint, to prevent swallowing of the tongue and suffocating.

Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović

Boakye had his air expelled from his lungs and he could not catch a breath for a while, and Leonardo tried to help him by removing his jersey and started cooling him. Soon after, with the fast response from Red Star medical staff, Boakye could breathe again.

Leonardo was still with him, he was massaging his neck while doctors poured water on him, and then he asked him if he was feeling alright.

Unlike Leonardo, Grobari (Partizan fans) behavior on the east side was not commendable, because Boakye was fighting for air, they started singing "Faint, faint".

Look how the entire situation looked like:


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