Terrible fire in Tuzla: Blaze engulfed the market - damage in millions, tens of people will lose their job (VIDEO)

No one was injured in fire in Hametova street

Flea market in Tuzla, known as Hamet's market, was engulfed in large fire on Thursday around midnight. 

Terrible fire in Zagreb was planted: A large warehouse burned, drama lasted all night, and one detail gave away everything! (VIDEO)

Citizens could see thick black smoke and flames, and detonations resounded in surrounding suburbs in Tuzla. Tens of citizens gathered on the intersection in the Stupine suburb and watched in disbelief the fire engulfing the market and their work places. 

The investigation will show the precise cause of fire and the damage, but there is no doubt that the damage is measured in millions, and the most tragic is that few tens of work places are lost.

According to Avaz, there were no injuries in the fire. 

Watch the video:


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