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Gulf of bones will cost them dearly: Albanians came to lake Ohrid to smuggle 120 kg of drugs, but they did not see this coming (PHOTO)

Smugglers did not think that their action was monitored by police officials from the border crossing St Naum

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Smugglers managed to transfer 120 kilos of marijuana from Albania to Macedonia, but they were unlucky. Drugs was seized, and one of the smugglers was arrested.  

Blond with a million euros drugs: She changed her appearance to avoid arrest, this is how they found her (PHOTO)

Under cover of night, four days ago, around 4 AM, smugglers tried to transfer marijuana to Macedonia, but they did not count on the vigilance of the Macedonian police.

As announced by Ministry of Internal affairs, police officers from the border crossing St Naum that night noticed a fast boat coming from the direction of Albania and which moved toward the shore of Lake Ohrid, where two people waited for it. When the speedboat arrived to the coast near the Gulf of bones, unidentified men with rubber boots who went into the water to the vessel and took a larger number of cloth bags. As soon as the cargo was moved to dry, speedboat came back to Albania at high speed, and two unknown people put bags into the car with Skopje license plates and headed to Ohrid.

Everything was monitored by officials on border crossing St Naum.

Foto: customs.gov.mk

Foto: customs.gov.mk

They alerted their colleagues, who began to follow the vehicle loaded with drugs, and when they arrived at the village Raca police gave the signal the driver to stop. He stopped the car, but he and his companion ran out of the car and they both started running.

Ohrid police managed to catch up and arrest Slavko Daskalovski (65) from Bitola, who was sitting in the passenger seat, while the driver is still missing.

When officers searched the vehicle they found 10 black canvas bags in it with 84 packages of nylon with a total of 117 kilograms of marijuana.

The investigating judge determined 30-day detention to Slavko Daskalovski for the crime of "unauthorized production and putting into circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors".

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.J.)

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