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HORRIBLE THREATS OF ISIS TO SERBS AND CROATS: This is the beginning of the end, we remember the rape of our sisters and murders of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo

ISIS has threatened the Balkans. They announced revenge against Serbs and Croats for the killing of Muslims in Bosnia

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Islamic State (ISIS) made a number of threats against Serbs and Croats, and Muslims living in Bosnia, Sandzak, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia in the latest issue of its magazine "Rumi" for Balkan.


JIHADISTS WENT FOR SERBIA: We have not forgotten the suffering of Muslims, the Balkans will pay in blood! (PHOTO)


"All praise belongs to Allah, the Great Almighty, let the blessings and peace be upon our Prophet who was sent with the sword as a mercy to the worlds, his family, and his companions and the Mujahideen, and those who follow them until the Day of Judgment. And then:


No, by Allah, we have not forgotten the Balkans, not by Allah, we have not forgotten and will not, with Allah's permission, forget it. We were just a little preoccupied, and here we are now, we come back. And by Allah, we have not forgotten the Serbs disbelievers. No, the Serbs infidels, we have not forgotten! We have not forgotten your murders of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. No, by Allah, we have not forgotten the abuse of our brothers and rape of our sisters.


Not, by Allah, we have not forgotten what you have done in Srebrenica and elsewhere. No, by Allah, we have not forgotten, never. We are with you, we have a very long unsolved problem, which you will pay with your blood, Allah the Almighty will permit. Do not you remember your dogs whose blood was shed in Libya?


As for the Croats infidels, you are also in our memory, your blood was also dirty and allowed with us. Did you think that you've been neglected? No, by Allah, we have not neglected nor have we forgotten you. We have not forgotten your killing, torture, rape, bloodshed and burning of houses in Bosnia. Did you think it was all over?


Printskrin: Google/maps, Tanjug/AP

Printskrin: Google/maps, Tanjug/AP


Do you think when you returned to your homes and your hands stained with the blood of Muslims that it all ended what happened? No, by Allah, it did not end! Moreover, it was only the beginning of the end. Have you forgotten how your pigs were slaughtered in Sinai?


For apostates of Balkans, wherever they are and wherever they live, to all apostates of Balkans we say, those in Bosnia, Sandzak, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, in whatever hole you hide we will find you with Allah's permission, and we will come to you.


Your blood is dearer to us, and better than the blood of the Serbs and Croats. The killing of apostates in our country is stronger and better. We are coming, we are coming to you with swords and daggers. We will not stop until you return to Islam or until, with Allah's permission, we exterminate the last of you. So prepare your coffins and dig graves".


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