BRAVO, MILICA! Mandic won against the Olympic champion and became the Champion of the World! (PHOTO)

The Serbian won her second medal after bronze six years ago, also in South Korea

Serbia's representative Milica Mandic became the world champion in taekwondo, as she defeated the former title holder and the Olympic champion from Rio, Oh Hye-Ri with the score 17:13.

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Mandic, the Olympic winner from London, brought another gold to Serbia, after Vanja Stankovic (up to 49 kgs), winning second world medal after bronze six years ago, also in South Korea.

She had previously won for the finals against the Dutchwoman Reshmie Oogink 6: 3, and she previously eliminated Grentis Hernandez from Cuba 6: 5, Sude Bulut from Turkey 5: 3 and Macedonian Petra Matijasevic 9: 8.

Serbia already has one gold at the championship which was won by young Vanja Stankovic in the category up to 49 kilograms.


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