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Village in Serbia wrapped in darkness: In the same place where the killer murdered Andjelina (3) and Dragana (47), two dead hunters were found yesterday!

The villagers were not able to sleep peacefully a year since the brutal crime because of the new tragedy that struck this village

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Two dead hunters were found yesterday in Vratarnica near Zajecar where Vladica Rajkovic (29) brutally raped and killed three year old Andjelina Stefanovic last year. 


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One hunter was hunting, waiting for the for the game to come, and his colleague saw that he was missing and he started searching for him. At one moment, he found the body of that man. The man was under such stress that it is presumed that he died when he saw it.


The investigation will show if it is a murder. Besides that crime, Vratarnica is known to public by another brutal act.


Foto: Privatna arhiva, novosti.rs, Telegraf

Foto: Privatna arhiva, novosti.rs, Telegraf


To recall, last year, Vladica Rajkovic from Vratarnica took Andjelina Stefanovic from a birthday and raped her close to the house, and then killed her with a hit in the head with a rock. After that, he changed his clothes and washed the blood off of himself, and then he returned to the celebration as if nothing happened.


Police arrested him after few days, and in the meantime, it was discovered that Rajkovic choked to death Dragana Stankovic (46) from the same place, and then threw her into Timok river. 


Prosecution charged Rajkovic with three crimes, including the brutal murder and rape of Andjelina Stefanovic (3) and for murder of Dragana Stankovic (47). 


He was sentenced to 40 years in prison. In pronouncing the verdict, he did not show any regrets.



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