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Vedrana (20) is destroying all prejudices about women: She drives tractor better than any man, she beats even the most experienced ones! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

She has registered her farm, she grows soybean, rapeseed and fruits and she is just 20 years old

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Vedrana Poletar (20) from Laslovo near Osijek, is breaking all prejudices about women. She has been the owner of her household for the past two years, and she is working on 12 hectares of land where she grows soybean and rapeseed. She says that there is no better feeling than sitting in tractor


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- My parents have been involved in farming for a long time, and it is somewhat natural for me to continue with that. For some time i saw myself in marketing and entrepreneurship, but i see now that i have chosen the right thing and that there is no better feeling than sitting in tractor and working on a piece of your land - said Vedrana.


Foto: Facebook/Poletar Vedrana

Foto: Facebook/Poletar Vedrana


While her age doesn't know what the future holds, Vedrana is commercialist by profession, and now she is training for agricultural technician, and she is seriously speaking about her plans for the future.


- I have no intention to stop at 12 hectares, i will continue buying land and i will expand my work, as much as i can. 



Rural Development Program will certainly help her, which has a goal to keep the people in rural areas who will then enlarge their farms and hire people.


Vedrana applied for business starting for young farmers in December 2015, and she passed the competition:


- I sent the request on 23 December 2015 and after 10 months i got an answer that i passed.


- One month after that my first wage was payed, 114.000 Kuna, from around 381.150 of total amount i received.



I have filed a request for another installment.


- I urgently needed machines, so i took a loan for tractor and plow and i hope i will pay it off with the rest of the money.


A young farmer hired a consulting company for the whole project whose services costed 18,000 kuna.


- I would always hire professionals who are doing that every day. Perhaps i could do it well, but people who have written hundreds of these projects certainly have much more experience than me and they will make it much better - she says.


The process of writing the project and gathering documentations lasted just under a month:


- Two months ago when i registered my OPG and everything was a bit chaotic - laughs Vedrana:


- But, i am happy with the entire process.


Besides soybean and rapeseed, Vedrana also has fruits. 


- I have around hundred plums Cacanke, but my intention is to plant more.



When asked what she likes better, fruit growing or farming, she says definitively farming:


- Especially since i have my new tractor in which i'm neither cold nor hot and i feel like a real queen. Fruit, however, requires more effort and hand work, says a young farmer who doesn't find it difficult to get up every morning before 6, and the work day often lasts till late in the night.


- I am not on the field only on Sundays or some holiday, but all other days we work hard. Nothing is difficult, i am a bit scared of spraying, so i leave that to other people. But i plow, harvest, anything that needs to be done. 


As a young farmer, and a woman, Vedrana often met with prejudice:


- No one believed that a young girls can work on the field, and work seriously. When i went to register my OPG, no one believed that i was adult.



Young farmer plans on expanding her land in the next five years, to transfer to ecological agriculture, and to perhaps, get married.


There is a lot of work and dad and me can barely make it. It would be nice if i could find someone dear, hardworking boyfriend who would work with me. If i don't i will have to hire someone - she concludes.


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