He had seven more serious offenses, in addition to dramatic speeding

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Sisak police imposed a fine of 11,600 kunas (around 1,600 euros) to a British citizen (22), who drove his BMW 244 kilometers per hour on the Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac motorway highway without having the driver's license on him.

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The young Briton was stopped in the Sisak-Moslavina County area on Sunday around 21:00, driving 244 kilometers per hour in a BMW with British license plates in the direction of Zagreb, reports Hina.

He had seven more serious offenses, in addition to dramatic speeding

Those are rushing the vehicle in front of him with light signals, not holding the required distance between the cars, passing the vehicles hauling cargo over the stop line, not using the turn signals, failure to comply with requests expressed by the light, sound, and sign of police officers by means of a light stop board, switching lanes without seeing if he can do it without danger to other participants in the traffic.

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He didn't even have a driver's license on him.

The police issued an obligatory violation warrant and imposed a total fine of 11,600 kunas, and a transit document was temporarily seized for the purpose of securing the payment of the fine, reported by the Sisko-Moslavina police administration.

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