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Albanian stabbed a Serb with a knife in the chest because of three Serb girls, and then escaped to Kosovo?! New details of the murder of Perica Gavrilovic (PHOTO)

Seriously wounded Gavrilovic bled out in the middle of the street, while help was provided to Almir in one of the Vienna hospitals

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Perica Gavrilovic, 37, born in Bela Crkva, was killed on Saturday at dawn in front of his cafe in Vienna when Albanian A.S. (28), who was in the company of three Serb women, stabbed him in the chest! As his friends say, the Albanian fled to Kosovo.

He approached the Albanian king of prostitution, took out the magnum and shot him in the head! And then said - THREE WORDS IN SERBIAN (PHOTO)

Gavrilovic previously complained with his friend Almir M. (28) why are the girls friends with suspicious Albanian.

A.S. then jumped and murdered Perica, and seriously wounded his friend.

The butcher then ran away and the Austrian police are searching for him. According to the unofficial information, he has Serbian citizenship and permanent residence in Nis.

- Perica already had fought in the cafe with the Albanian because of some stupid reason. Everybody was under influence of alcohol, there have been few quarrels but everything settled quickly. When the party was over before dawn, Perica and Almir went to the nearby taxi station because they didn't want to drive drunk. However, A.S. was in front of the cafe with the girls from Serbia - "Informer" source.

According to his words, Perica and Almir, who is also a Serbian citizen, had problems with the girls from their country for going out with Albanians.

- Perica allegedly said something like: "Girls, with all of our men around, you are going out with some suspicious Albanians". The enraged man immediately charged at them, reached for the knife and stabbed Perica in the chest, and Almir in the stomach. They escaped after that, both Albanian and the Serbs who were with him - said the friend of the victim.

Seriously wounded Gavrilovic bled out in the middle of the street, while help was provided to Almir in one of the Vienna hospitals.

- Perica was a good man, he helped everybody. He was a hard working man and he wasn't ashamed of any job. When there was no work in the club, he painted, he installed tiles. He and Almir were not someone who wanted to fight, I don't know if they ever got into a fight with anyone - said Perica's friend.

Gavrilovic's friends from Vienna have information that the Albanian, who murdered Perica fled to Kosovo immediately after the murder. According to the Austrian media, police are searching for the murderer.


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