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She loves Kalinic, she adores Raduljica, she scolded Jokic and Bobi: Turkish journalist amazed us with how much she cheers for Serbia on Eurobasket! (PHOTO)

She knows every player of our team so well that we were surprised, but when she started talking about Jokic and Bobi, we knew that she was a passionate fan

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Turkish journalist Begun Ulnu is an incredible person. Although she is a fan of Fenerbahce from Istanbul, she is also a passionate fan of Serbian basketball players at the Eurobasket.

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She writes for a very popular basketball website TrendBasket and believes that Serbia will take gold. She said that her favorite player, Nikola Kalinic, is a warrior, she also loves Raduljica too, and it is interesting that Bogdan Bogdanovic is not among her favorite players.

- I love Serbian basketball, the way they play as a team. These are all excellent players, but they act as a team and have a lot of passion in the game. I like to watch them when they play in the competition. There are several players from Serbia in Turkey and I like to watch them when they play for clubs.

We managed to find out that Kalinic was her favorite player.

- I watched a lot of Fenerbahce matches. I'm a journalist, but I'm also a fan of Fener. I love how Kalinic plays, he fights as a warrior. Also, besides him, I love Radulica too. He looks kind of angry with his beard, but when you talk to him you see he's a good guy. I like it when he plays, he is fighting with a lot of passion - says popular Begi and added:

- Bogdan is an excellent player, he has done a lot for Turkish basketball, not just for Fenerbahce but has already raised Turkish basketball to a higher level. But he is not on my list of favorite players.

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Begi also believes that it is not right when the players give up from playing for Serbia, and she is especially struck that Jokic was not in Istanbul.

- There are two players I would mention for this. Jokic was the first, he had a great season in the NBA and I wanted to see him in Istanbul at the Eurobasket. He is only 22 years old, he is a young but great player and he would help Serbia. They need him now when they have so many injuries. I'm disappointed with him because he did not come, as I said, I'm a big fan of Serbia. There are other players who played in the NBA even later than Jokic, and they came", Begi explains.

She then mentioned why she no longer likes Bobi Marjanovic who, after Kalinic and Radulica, was her favorite player.

- He was among my favorites until last year. Until the Olympic Games, when he said he could not come because he was preparing for the season. I expected him to come to the Olympics, and that's why he is not on my list anymore. That's why I love Jovic and Teodosic.

Foto: Guliver/Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Serbia played with the USA in the finals of the Olympic Games last year and Begi cheered from Istanbul.

- I was at home and I watched the match, but I was upset because they played badly. I was jumping around the house and shouting "Boys, what's wrong with you, play like Serbia, and not so soft" and my family looked at me strangely and asked me "Okay, it's alright because we're cheering for Serbia as well, but why are you shouting so much?"

At the beginning, she did not like Teodosic because he won against the Turkish teams.

- Maybe I was jealous because he always beat the teams I'm cheering for. He played like he was ice cold and he won. I always enjoyed watching him play, but I think I was jealous. I would like if he came to Turkish basketball one day, or at least to return to European basketball after NBA.

At the end, she said that she would like the most if Serbia won the gold.

- Serbia is winning the gold medal. I am a fan and I would like them to win. But, it won't be easy because they are weakened because of all the injuries. If they believe in themselves they will make it because those are all talented players, although the team is not complete. Those are young players who will play a long time for national team even when Teodosic is gone.



Russia - Greece 17.45

Serbia - Italy 20.30

(Telegraf reporters from Eurobasket Bojana Mekic and Dragutin Stojmenovic)


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