Perhaps we are the Gods of basketball because of this: How was the basketball played in occupied Belgrade (VIDEO)

It sounds incredible, but everyday life during the German occupation continued, it continued to beat and exist, and Belgraders tried to find the grain of common sense in all things. They even played basketball!

The Germans came and occupied Belgrade and Serbia, but everyday life continued. It sounds incredible, but everyday life really did continue, it continued to beat and exist.

Belgrade as one of the most beautiful world metropolises: Kalemegdan got a new lighting and now looks magnificent

Although this is a propaganda film that should show that everything is in perfect order, it is also a worthy testimony of the life under occupation about which we have somewhat wrong prejudice.

The movie begins with a panorama of Belgrade that is still recovering from the Nazi bombing in April 1941, but due to the quality of the image, this is not clear. It then continues with short inserts about art academies and craft workshops that are "valued throughout the Balkans".

It continues with the story of the newspaper "New Time", which is referred to as "the most modern printing publishing company in the Balkans". Then there is a part of the Serbian youth as "a great fan of sports". We were a little surprised by the fact that even then there was a basketball, volleyball was little less popular, we were not surprised by football. And there was also cycling.

There had to be a part about city beaches, with families and children, young girls, and sailing boats on the river. It all seemed that Belgraders tried to find the grain of common sense in all things. The most part is dedicated to the very visited concert of the German military orchestra on Terazije. At first, it seems that there is a lot of people, but further images show that there is barely anyone there.

What is especially amazing is the fact that everything in this short film seems so normal. We had some idea about those times, that every time you went out you could end up in prison or getting shot, or camps in Germany, so the risk was on yourself.

This movie claims something else. Taking in consideration that these are propaganda videos of one quisling governments who stood silently while Germans shot their husbands, women, children and old men for years, it shouldn't be taken for granted. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle (however, the middle further away of what the author was trying to present). 


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