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A photo that made many people angry: Kolinda visited the flooded Zadar and a crying man, and she... (PHOTO)

The users of social networks are arguing about one question

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Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic went urgently to Zadar yesterday to see for herself what is the situation on the field after unprecedented floods that struck that city. A photo was made during her visit which she published on her official Instagram profile, which caused controversy among her followers. Is Kolinda laughing or is she crying

Storm wind carried roofs, stopped trains, ripped trees out of its roots and smashed cars: Serbia has been devastated! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

The Croatian president is hugging the older man from Zadar who is crying, but her facial expression is partially blocked, but it seems as if she is laughing. 

- Her lips are raised up into something that looks like a smile, and the lines on her cheeks are suggesting the same - writes the portal. And the readers of Index voted in the majority that Kolinda is smiling.


A post shared by Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović (@predsjednicarh) on

If that is really the case, it is another blunder of Croatian president because the incredibly bad weather inflicted major damage to people of Zadar, destroyed their homes, paralyzed the hospitals, and the torrents destroyed the roads, which is really not the cause for laughter.

He cruised on the rubber flamingo in flooded Zadar after the unprecedented storm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A storm roared through Serbia: Strong wind ripped out the trees, water and hail paralyzed cities (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Is Kolinda laughing or crying? Type down your opinion in the comments.


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