He cruised on the rubber flamingo in flooded Zadar after the unprecedented storm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The ingenuity of this man from Zadar amazed the users of social networks

Zadar was hit by incredible floods yesterday and one resident thought that he can have fun in those moments. 

As if "Irma" itself came to Croatia: Red alarm for terrible weather, people trapped in their cars, schools are closed (VIDEO)

The man cruised on the rubber flamingo in flooded streets, with the smile on his face. 

After the yesterday's big storm that flooded Zadar and the vicinity, the situation is a lot calmer today, but many objects are still flooded, water from the water supply is not for drinking, and part of the roads is still closed.

70 teams of firefighters and Croatian Army are pumping water from the flooded objects.

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Hina/Zvonko Kucelin

Citizens are asked not to move unless they really have to due to the floods which arose because of rainy weather, not to leave their homes, all services are on the field and they are doing everything they can to return the situation back to normal. The classes in Elementary school Petar Zoranic was canceled for today, and the kindergarten in Nin won't work as well.

Around 120 members of the armed forces are on the field in Zadar area, while 625 are on standby.

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Hina/Zvonko Kucelin

Watch the video:


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