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Croatian scientist has dark forecast: Droughts and hurricanes can no longer be stopped, new aggressive fish and mosquitoes are arriving

He explains that certain sorts of grapes won't be grown anymore in Dalmatia, as well as cabbage and potatoes in Lika

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One of the favorite Croatian scientists and professor at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, Branko Grisogono, gave the most recent forecasts about life in this region due to the global climate changes we are witnessing. These are hurricanes, catastrophic droughts, floods, earthquakes, an alarming melting of ice on the Earth's polar poles, a dramatic increase in temperature, dangerous aggressive fish, and mosquitoes...

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In his interview for 24sata.hr, he explains that certain varieties of grapes will not be grown on the territory of Dalmatia, as well as cabbage and potatoes in Lika.

- This, most likely, can't be stopped. We are rushing into our own past!

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have already been deposited in the oceans and atmosphere, as well as the heat that is increasingly lowering into deeper ocean layers. The meltdown is now visible in the ocean and it is seen on 600 to 700 meters of depth, not just on 200, which was the case 20 years ago - explained this professor who obtained a doctorate in physics at the prestigious Research Institute Renu, in the US Nevada, and later continued postdoctoral studies at the Swedish University of Uppsala.

According to his understanding, if the temperature of the sea is warmer, the greater the possibility of extreme events, such as a hurricane.

They are fed from a thermal imbalance between the ocean and the lower atmosphere.



- The exponential growth of temperature can be avoided if we reduce the use of fossil fuels, and we use electric and solar energy - claims Grisogono.

He is, however, convinced that few people think like that, and not even politicians who allocate so little money for research.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- Aggressive fish will arrive in Adriatic sea, and wines won't be grown in southern Dalmatia anymore because it will be too hot - said professor and adds that cabbage and potato in Lika will become questionable, but then, perhaps in 30 years, Lika will have nice wines. Everything will happen if the global temperature increases for 4.8 degrees instead of 2 which would be a lot more acceptable and we could deal with that.

Foto: Tanjug/Jaroslav Pap

The level of the sea will rise

- The arrival of new types of mosquitoes, bugs, butterflies, and birds, while some of our species will move to the north. The vegetation could spread to the north as well - the professor said and he emphasizes that the level of the sea will rise.

Foto: Wikipedia/Fabio Visconti

- The calculations show that the sea level in our country could rise by 20 cm by the end of the century. The high banks will save us, but some of the islands that have the lower waterfront and western Istria have to be checked. This flood in Nin could easily happen again. I am convinced that the meteorological radars could help predict every flood in the Adriatic coast.


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