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Revenge for Jasenovac? Croats discuss should Serb representatives be prevented from attending the parliament?

Milosevic from the Independent Democratic Serb Party assessed that this was an anti-minority and anti-Serbian initiative

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A discussion has been opened in Croatian public that representatives of national minorities should not be allowed in Parliament

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In the TV talk show Open on HRT, Minister of Administration Lovro Kuscevic (Croatian Democratic Union), former minister Arsen Bauk (Social Democratic Party of Croatia), Zeljka Markic (In the name of Family), Anto Djapic (Croatian Defence Forces), Robert Podolnjak (Bridge) and Boris Milosevic (Independent Democratic Serb Party) confronted their opinions, reports tportal.hr.

Markic said that the referendum is possible on that and that it isn't anti-Serbian, but anti-corruption and those minorities more rights in Croatia than in EU, they have guaranteed members of the parliament that can decide on every question.

Milosevic from the Independent Democratic Serb Party assessed that this was an anti-minority and anti-Serbian initiative, representing the impact on achieved standards of protection of rights of national minorities in Croatia.

- The very obvious goal of this initiative is to reduce the rights of minorities and to stop the cooperation between representatives of national minorities and the right-centered government - said Milosevic, reminding that one of the fundamental values of the EU is the protection of the rights of national minorities, thanks to which Croatia became a member EU and NATO.

Djapic agreed with Minister Markic and added that "everybody should be political Croats", with the remark that the initiative is a reaction to "attacks on an elite Croatian unit regarding the memorial plaque of the Croatian Defence Forces in Jasenovac". 


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