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She felt that she was sick, and she had chest pain: Soon after, doctors were fighting for her life, and all of that could have been prevented!

These symptoms are specific to men, and it is a different situation with women

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Around 50 people die every day in Serbia from a heart attack or due to some other heart condition, so we are among the high-risk countries for those diseases. We all know someone who collapsed like that, suddenly, he had a heart attack out of nowhere. Unfortunately, many are no longer among us, but some people survive it. The heart attack is insidious, sometimes you don't even know that it is happening to you, and in the next moment, they are fighting for your life!

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We talked to Milica Stankovic from Kovin, whose sister had a heart attack at the age of 30!

- She simply said that she is nor well, she had pain in her chest. I thought that she was just making it up not to go out. In the next moment, she collapsed! The ambulance came immediately, and then the doctor said that they had to keep her in hospital. I was terribly afraid, I thought that it only happened to old people, and then you look around you and you realize that there are a lot of young and that you are among them, not even thinking about what can suddenly change your life - said Milica.

And what are the symptoms of the heart attack, that even young people must not ignore:

- Symptoms that point to a heart attack are the chest pain, pain spreading to the hands, most often to the left. Pain is also spreading towards the jaw, and some of the symptoms are nausea, vomiting - explained the professor and president of the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia, Branko Beleslin.

These symptoms are specific to men, and it is a different situation with women.

- In women, symptoms can be masked, so they are not even aware that they have a heart attack. For women, it is characteristic that they take time to call Emergency Assistance when they realize that they are not well. Women are accustomed to enduring and being strong, and then they do not seek help even in the illness, even when their life is threatened - says Branko.

Men get heart attacks around the age of 55, and women ten years later, to act preventively, you just need to follow these things.

With that in mind, World Heart Day is marked today in our country.

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- The first place in prevention is to stop smoking, and then being active as much as possible, but in moderation, just a mild sweat. It is necessary to walk at least twice a day. Also, the diet is very important. There are many people who don't eat fruit at all, as well as those who eat meat for three times a day - said professor Beleslin for Telegraf.

Overuse of salt has a permanent effect on the organism.

- We are the country that uses salt the most in our diet. The state should limit the amount of salt to the manufacturers when making food. Unfortunately, rarely anyone eats fish in our country, and we should use it at least twice a week - adds Branko.

Prevention is very important. So World Heart Day is a right time to remind people that sick man has only one desire, to be healthy again!

- If the number of people sick from heart conditions, or blood vessels reduces, the state would have a lot more money, because a significant amount of money is used for treatment - added the president of the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia.

On this day, we can tell you to nurture your heart at any time, because you have only one!


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